Patriarcado y capitalismo
Feminismo, clase y diversidad

In the eyes of the missionaries, brandy was a fiend with all crimes and miseries in his train; and, in fact, nothing earthly could better deserve the epithet infernal than an Indian town in the height of a drunken debauch. The orgies never ceased till the bottom of the barrel was reached. Then came repentance, despair, wailing, and bitter invective against the white men, the cause of all the woe. In the name of the public good, of humanity, and above all of religion, the bishop and the Jesuits denounced the fatal traffic.JOSEFINA L. MARTNEZ Y CYNTHIA BURGUEO LEIVA

Patriarcado y capitalismo. Feminismo, clase y diversidad
Althusser y Sacristn. Itinerarios de dos comunistas crticos

Althusser y Sacristn. Itinerarios de dos comunistas crticos

par les Sieurs Chalons et Riverin, 1686.When Cloron de Bienville returned from the Ohio, he went, with a royal commission, sent him 77JUAN DAL MASO Y ARIEL PETRUCCELLI

Althusser y Sacristn. Itinerarios de dos comunistas crticos

La Rosa Roja


[7] Frontenac au Ministre, 14 Nov., 1674His provincials displeased him, not without reason; for the greater part were but the crudest material for an army, unruly, and recalcitrant to discipline. Some of them came to the rendezvous at Carlisle with old province muskets, the locks tied on with a string; others brought fowling-pieces of their own, and others carried nothing but walking-sticks; while many had never fired a gun in their lives. [648] Forbes reported to Pitt that their officers, except a few in the higher ranks, were "an extremely bad collection of broken inn-keepers, horse-jockeys, and Indian traders;" nor is he more flattering towards the men, though as to some of them he afterwards changed his mind. [649]KATE EVANS

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